Struggling to edit your videos? This is the solution.

video editing Jul 19, 2021

The right creative content bugs know the value of videos. Videos are great for digital marketing and provide better reach. Now, if you are a content creator, making videos can take substantial time and effort. However, you know what takes more effort, time, and energy, editing them. Suppose you have a video and you want to change it a bit. Well, we have a quick fix in this regard for you. Fortunately, we have an online video editing platform called Veed. It is just awesome. Veed is quick and cuts the hassle. 

A bit about Veed

Veed is an energetic start-up based in London. It is a simple yet robust video editing platform. The platform enables everyone to feel like a pro at video editing. How amazing is that? The best thing is that it is free and facilitating! This makes it a miracle for young entrepreneurs and beginners at content creation.



How to edit videos with Veed

Let us now do some video editing with Veed. First, make an account by signing up on the Veed website. You can simply create a free account at Veed. With a Veedaccount, you save your projects and work on them later as well. You can do several video editing with Veed. Such as audio editing, trimming, splitting, adding subtitles, adding watermarks or logos, changing content or modification etc. For this, we would be doing three main types of video editing. Let us start. 

Step 1: Upload your video at Veed

For starting, upload your MP4 video to Veed’s Video editing page. Choose the desired video from your PC. Next, click on the upload video button. This would kick-start the video editing process. Veed accepts videos from your local files. In addition, it accepts videos from your camera, YouTube video links, DropBox, GIFs, or any other format. 

Step 2: Trimming & Splitting Videos with Veed

Uploaded videos would appear in the timeline of your Veed account. The timeline is present at the bottom of the screen. For trimming, you can use the online video trimmer by Veed. Simply drag the ends of the video content bar. Now, to split the video, adjust the play head. Simply place the play head on the moment you want to split the video into two parts. After placing it, right-click and select split. 

Step 3: Adding video watermark or Logo 

Adding a watermark or logo to your video is great for branding. Veed’s image upload tool is here to help you in this regard. Just have a PNG format logo or watermark on your PC. Simply upload it with the tool. You can resize it and adjust it. 

Step 4: Adding Subtitles in your Video 

In the left toolbar of your Veed dashboard, select the Subtitles option. Subtitles are vital. They enhance the impression and impact of your videos in a significant manner. Moreover, they convey the message. This eradicates the language barrier as well. 

Veed provides flexibility with subtitles. You get three options with multiple languages. It allows you to choose automatic subtitles, manual subtitles, or subtitles from a file. All three of these are efficient and accurate. Each way is quick and easy. Once activated, you can edit them through the sub-title editor. 

After you are done with the editing, simply save it and download it. That is it, folks! It is this simple, quick, and easy. 

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