How to read from 20 to 50 books in one day?

books Jul 09, 2021

Do you know around two million books release every year, thousands of courses, and numerous documentaries go online?


Hence, the collections are very vast. If a person reads one book in a single day, it will take him around 365,000 years to read all the books. Some people love reading knowledge books whereas some like literature. Some prefer reading each book with the full details, whereas some like to just go through the book stance by reading more concise summaries. However, summaries can elaborate the agenda of the particular book, but you will not have the charm that the writer has added in each sentence written in the book.

Reading a full book, either it’s related to mental development, history, literature, culture, or whatever it is, would take you a lot of time, and people with a tough work routine can take months and years to complete one book. So, what could be the alternative to complete the book earlier or stay updated with the latest publications with such a busy schedule? Here is the point where a famous application comes in – UPTIME!

Uptime lets you read your favorite books in just 5-minutes by providing you a summary of the world’s famous books collection. The application is free and provides you a one-pager summary of the books you want to read. This will also help you out going through the context of a particular book, and you can select the most suitable one to read in detail. Furthermore, it shows that you can read up to 50 pages means 50 books in a single day.


Let’s have a look at how this application performs in a nutshell:

  • Has a wide range of authors and creators you want to read about
  • Curated topics that matter the most to you
  • Great 5-minute storytelling format that saves your time and effort
  • Fun learning app and interface that lets you read more
  • Read, watch, and listen modes scientifically
  • No ads and fake news
  • No fluffing, neither doom scrolling

The process to install the app to read books: 

Uptime is available to install for both Android and IOS with around 1500 (more or less) knowledge hacks, and it adds 30 new every week. The application is free and has no subscription till now. Let’s have a look at how you can install, signup, and start reading books: 

Step 1:Install the application from your phone’s play store

Step 2:Log into your account OR signup for free, and the particular window will display the latest and top book collections at the top:

Step 3:Pick up your favorite books and start reading from the most recommended ones by the app

Step 5:You can read your books in visual stories that are easy to watch


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