How to find anyone’s email address?

tools Jul 08, 2021

It’s obvious that every business needs outreach to connect with the right audience. sales experts, business owners, or even inbound and outbound marketers learn new ways every passing day to know how they can reach the audience better approach.



This article will teach you to have a superpower of the companies or people you want to approach the most! The superpower to search and find anyone’s email address. Email Hunter by is a powerful tool that lets everyone around the globe search for the email address of any person. Let’s have a look at how you can proceed with finding the email address of your desired person using email hunter. Moreover, the tool does not stop here but offers you further multiple functions. Let’s have a brief look at all the features offered by Email Hunter:


Domain Search 



Domain Search features allow you to search all the professional emails that are registered under the particular domain. These emails are available publicly on the web. You don’t only get your email address by using domain search in Email Hunter. But it shows you the full name, job title, phone number, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile too.


Moreover, to make your searches easier, Email Hunter also allows you to search anyone's email address by filtering searches with the first name. Moreover, you may also add a particular department of the persona to make your searches smarter. 


Email Finder 


Email Finder lets you track the specific email address with no particular filtering and searching. All you need to do is enter the full name of a person you want to search for and add the name of the company. The fast email finder’s search engine shows you quick results with seconds, but it only shows the publicly available emails.


Always remember that you have to fill in all the fields to get accurate search results:


  • Step 1: Go to “” and tap to an email finder
  • Step 2: Enter the full name of the person you are looking for
  • Step 3: Enter the company name and tap to “Search” button


Email Verifier


Email verifier eliminates or reduces your bounce rate. This function by Email Hunter allows you to verify if the email is genuine or not. These are the eight factors that identify if the email you are entering is reliable or not:

  • Correct email format ([email protected])
  • The name in the email address doesn’t make any sense ([email protected])
  • Check out if the email address is being used under webmail
  • Check if there are any exchange records – this will show if there is any authorized mail server to accept emails
  • Check out the presence of SMTP server
  • If number six is successful, then it checks SMTP to ensure if it bounces emails or not.
  • Check out the catch-all domains. 

Bulk Tasks  


If you are searching for multiple email addresses of one company but multiple, this function by Email Hunter will help you out. Rather than searching for the domain names separately, you can search multiple companies and their email altogether.



Bulk Task allows you to upload a TXT or CSV file that has all the data of the companies you want to search. Else, you may copy and paste the list of domain names you want to search for. You will have the list of email addresses at the end.


Google Sheets Add-on


This feature reduces your overall hassle of making a list of domain names of companies you want to have emails with. But, this features lets you make the searches in Email Hunter using your Google Drive sheets. You may simply integrate the google sheets that you make daily in the office and then integrate them with Email Hunter to have the relevant searches.


Mail Tracker


Mail Tracker is the latest tool introduced by Email Hunter. Once you install this tool on your systems or phones, then all the emails you sent via Gmail get tracked. You may also deactivate it. Once the receiver opens your email, you will get a notification and find all the tracking details in your Gmail account.

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