How to edit your website quickly with this magic tool.

website Jul 14, 2021

Everyone wants their website to be just perfect. That can be possible, and why not. This involves keeping your website updated according to the latest trends. Trends in tech and the web are changing every passing day. This means you have to keep up with the updates actively. It would allow you to have a website that stands out and perform efficiently. Updated websites drive more traffic. In addition, it allows the website to function optimally. It is the demand of the operator as well.

Moreover, not updated websites are slow and less visually appealing. The biggest thing is that you want your website to be the way you want. It has to be your vision. 

It is all possible. However, how can we forget that regular amendments to your websites are not easy? It demands a lot of effort, time, and expertise. In certain cases, it requires resources as well. It becomes difficult for young entrepreneurs and small businesses to manage and handle such amendments in such cases. 

No need to worry. We are living in the digital age. It is full of quick and affordable solutions at hand. We are going to talk about an online facility that is a savior in this situation. Fortunately, we have Strikingly today. It is an online platform for website building and editing quickly. It would turn the complex tasks into edits within minutes. You can even build a new website in under 30 minutes. That is incredible. Strikingly made it possible. 

How to edit your website using Strikingly

With Strikingly, you can do several website edits. There are many tools available. However, the most basic or regular update is to edit the website pages or elements. Through a systematic guide below, you can learn how to edit website pages through Strikingly. 

Step 1: Make an account at Strikingly.

Head over to the Strikingly sign-up page here. It has a quick sign-up process. It simply asks you for your first name, email, and password. You can sign up with your Facebook account as well. Click on the green Get Started button. You can open your website portal through Strikingly as well. 

Step 2: Start editing the website pages. 

After you are done with signing up, let us get to work. Strikingly provides you with many amazing templates and element options. Go on to your dashboard editor section and click on the “Add Another Page button”. Now, you can amend multiple elements on your website page. You can create a new website page as well. Through, strikingly you can play with images, text, timelines, and sliders for your website page. 

The thing is to just click on anything that you want to amend. Then, the options would show and guide you ahead. 

Step 3: Publish your Website Page 

After you are done with editing, click on the purple publish button. That is it. You just quickly edited your website pages using Strikingly. 

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