How to add payments to Zoom?

zoom Jul 12, 2021

Since last year, COVID’19 has brought the world to the lockdown due to which businesses have become online. The whole business webinars, conversations, client meetings, inside company meetings with employees are being held virtually. Almost all the major countries and companies around the globe use the Zoom application to make their communication easier.

With millions and billions of users and business accounts, Zoom allows you to connect with anyone you want anywhere worldwide. It has made communication easier with video meetings, webinars, a meeting setup that allows you to add as many participants as you want, meeting recordings, screening, and many other functions make Zoom a professional business communication gateway.

Zoom allows you to use the application for free and paid subscriptions as well. It offers paid meeting services with yearly or monthly subscriptions. You may purchase these subscriptions via PayPal or Credit cards, depending upon your feasibility. It has different packages through which you can decide the most suitable one that your business needs. Let’s have a look at how you can add payments to your Zoom account to enable the paid subscription.

Step 1:Go to the Zoom official size and create your free account.

Step 2:Sign-in to your Zoom account through the web portal.

Step 3: Tap to the navigation panel and select Account Management from there.

Step 4:Tap to Billing.

Step 5:Go to the Current Plans and then click upgrade your account from there.

Step 6:Select the plan you want to buy and then tap to Upgrade.

Step 7:From here, you can add different add-ons you want to purchase with your package, edit or change the number of licenses, choose annually or monthly subscriptions.

Step 8:Once you are done with your plan’s customization, click to “Save & Continue” to save the changes you have made to upgrade your account.

Step 9:Now, you will see an option “Interested in Other Available Products” to add some additional products you would like to purchase with your plan OR if you don’t want to purchase anything, then tap to “Skip This Step & Go To Checkout” to continue with the procedure.

Step 10:Now, enter your "Bill To" and "Sold To" contacts into your account.

Step 11:Add the payment method, either PayPal or credit card. If you opt to pay through a credit card, then enter your card details. In case if you face any issue while making payment, you may tap “Billing Troubleshooting” to get help from the billing department.


Step 12:Review the whole information you have given and check “Terms of Services” to continue with account up-gradation.

Step 13:Tap to “Upgrade Now” to review your whole order summary.

Step 14:Now, click “Confirm” to finalize your order and purchase.

Step 15:Your order has been completed to upgrade your account, and you will soon receive a confirmation email from the Zoom team.


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