How to keep all marketing tools in one place?

marketing tools Jul 15, 2021

There are no boundaries in the digital age. Our digital arena is filled with beneficial and free resources that would make our life easier. The Internet offers resources and tools for every career aspect. However, if you are someone with a career in digital marketing, social media, or a tech entrepreneur, this article has a lot. Behold because it would make your life and work easier.


What if we tell you about an online platform that is a one-stop destination for all your marketing needs. That too free. Finding it hard to believe, let us clear the air. Neon Tools is the ultimate go-to online platform for all marketing tools. Let us tell you more. 



Neon Tools is a rich resource for all the marketing chores. In short, it is an online marketing toolbox. With your account at Neon Tools, you can own a digital marketing toolbox as well. Moreover, the platform offers solutions for marketers. You can get consultations and business growth advice from Neon tools. Neon Tools has a knowledge base as well powered by its own blog.


On the Neon Tools Blog, you can get insight from leaders in the game. In addition, you can learn about the latest digital marketing trends in the industry. It is also a great platform for networking. You can join the Neon Social Club to connect with a vast community of entrepreneurs and marketing or tech enthusiasts. 



Let's learn how you can get and manage your own Neon Toolbox 


Below is a systematic guide on setting your Neon Toolbox and managing it. Make the most out of it. It has so much to offer for your marketing career or business. 


Step 1: Make an account on Neon Tools. 


At the signup page of Neon Tools, make a free account. 


Step 2: Link your Social Media accounts with Neon Tools


This is important. For unlimited access to tools, you have to connect Neon Tools with your social media accounts. For this, go to your profile settings. Click on the Facebook button. Accept the connection for linkage with your designated Facebook profile. After the connection has been established with Facebook, you can easily connect with Instagram as well. In the end, just click on the Connect Account button. You are good to go now. 




Step 3: Access the Neon Tools 


After you are done with connecting, it is now time to get to the Neon Tools. Now, as you sign in, you would see a dashboard. It has all the essential marketing tools for you in one place. You do need to go anywhere else for these. 


You can make this your workstation and manage your all-marketing tools here. 


Wondering how to create an app for your business? Here you'll find the step by step to create an app without coding and without hiring expensive developers! 




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