How to generate content ideas on the spot?

content Jul 20, 2021

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm over the past decade. The driving force of digital marketing is content. However, the economic and marketing scenario has become much competitive. Businesses need to reconsider their content marketing strategies. Content holds a paramount position in digital marketing. The content must be distinct and powerful enough to make its way up to the top. A content-focused approach in digital marketing is necessary. In the year 2018, businesses actually worked and invested more in content marketing. Around 58% of the marketers were spending more and more on content marketing. 

The purpose of content is not to fill up space on web pages. For a business, it builds credibility, awareness, reputation, and confidence among your clientele. That is why it is important to optimize your content for your business. Smart entrepreneurs are aware that how crucial is content. They are aware of the convenient tools available. 

Luckily, now there are online facilities that help us to create and optimize our content. One of the most popular online facilities is "Content Row." Content Row was created with high global content standards. It takes precedence in SEO as well. Over recent years, SEO has taken the lead for content in digital marketing. 70% of marketers see SEO as more influential than PPC. 

Entrepreneurs need to make the best out of Content Row. Content Row is great for assessing your content elements. It is affordable, effective, and convenient. This tool provides a range of free tools that are more than enough for assessing and creating content. There is a paid version as well with affordable packages. However, for this, we would be only discussing the free features of Content Row. 

Optimizing your Content with Content Row Free Features 

Let us begin to learn how we can analyze, assess and create different elements of online content. All these tools help you to optimize your content. You would see how convenient it is to get powerful content strategies through these useful tools. 


  • Headline Analyzer Tool: A headline or title is literally the face of a blog, article, or ad. It strikes an impression. In fact, 36% of the SEO experts think that the headline or title is the most important element of SEO. That is why it is important to analyze and assess your headline with Content Row Headline Analyzer. Try to make it more relevant to your business.  

It is very easy. Just enter your headline in the box and click Analyze Headline" Content Row would analyze it for you by giving it a score, strengths, and suggestions. 


  • Headline Generator: If you are out of ideas for a headline, no need to worry. You can get a blog title, YouTube video title, or a clickbait title with just a click. Just any topic in the box shown below and click Get Headlines. Make sure it is aligned with your business vision. 



  • Trending Topics: It is very important to write about topics that best suit the purpose and vision of your business. If you are confused and out of ideas, do not worry. The Trending Topics feature of Content Row helps you find trending topics over the internet. You have to choose the topic that aligns the best with your venture. It provides you a wide collection. 



  • Word & Character Counter: Word count is very important in order to achieve optimized content. You have to keep it in the optimal range in order to grab the attention of the reader. In the word or character counter by Content Row, you can learn about your total word count, character count, and reading time. Just simple copy and paste your content in the box, as shown below: 


There you have it. These four powerful tools would help you to make the best out of your content. You can avail of the paid features of the content row at affordable prices as well. 

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