9 Leadership Qualities of Successful Women Entrepreneurs.

leadership Jan 31, 2021

Many women are conditioned to believe leaders are men. Your capacity to be a great leader has actually got nothing to do with your gender. Numerous studies, backed up with real life examples, prove women can be highly effective leaders.


What is true though is women in business have to overcome many obstacles that have long held many of us back. Balancing work and family is one of them. Overcoming stereotypes is another one. Women often have to work harder than men to get the same respect and recognition as our male counterparts.


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Effective Leadership Qualities of Successful Women Entrepreneurs.


Here are some of the best leadership qualities, and tips on how to be a successful women entrepreneur.

  1. Don’t micromanage people, give them a purpose – Micromanaging people is very hard and it annoys employees. Give them a purpose and the freedom to accomplish it without looking over their shoulders all the time.


  1. Know and share the end destination – People follow a leader not because they have to but because they want to. But nobody will follow you if they don’t know where you’re going. Get people on board (and excited) by sharing your destination with them.


  1. Believe in themselves – A leader has to be confident. For people to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. Be cautious though not to come across as arrogant.


  1. Aren’t scared to delegate – Successful leaders know when and how to delegate. You can’t focus on the strategic vision of your business and try to do everything yourself.


  1. Believe in teamwork – People feel much more comfortable working with someone instead of working for someone. Successful leaders don’t put themselves on a pedestal. They work together with their employees.


  1. Have integrity – People look up to leaders who have integrity and are honest. Earning the respect of people is crucial, and if you’re not honest or lack integrity you won’t be respected.


  1. Show empathy – Successful leaders are loved because they show empathy and are caring. They don’t just see their employees as numbers but as real human beings that have feelings.


  1. Lead by example – Good leaders have a strong worth ethic. They inspire people and lead by example.


  1. Find the right people – Successful leaders find people who share the company’s vision. They empower them to succeed, and offer them constructive support.


Source: Unsplash


Case Studies published an article called “Inspiring Leadership Lessons From 13 Female Founders.” (Link:

Here are two curated case studies from that article that stood out for me:

“Know when to ask for help”

Growing too fast, and not taking care of yourself or your employees, can cause your business to collapse.

This is what happened to Kachan Singh who founded Crumbs & Whiskers. When she saw her business failing, she turned to her mentor and coach who helped her to turn the business around.

Lesson: A successful leader isn’t too proud to ask for help. It pays to invest in a good business coach or life coach.

“Don’t be afraid of failure”

Lauren Cascio ended her marriage after suffering three years of physical abuse from her husband. She realized it’s important to know when enough is enough. Lauren now applies this approach in her own company Abartys Health.

Lesson: Knowing when to quit or change directions is important. Leaders often have to make difficult decisions based on what’s in the best interests of the company.




Successful women entrepreneurs are often better leaders than men because they worked harder to get where they are. They never stop learning and apply the insights they have gained from their own life experiences in their business.

As women, we can and should draw inspiration from other successful women entrepreneurs that are leaders in their field.


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